“I knew about Gabrielle about a year before I made the plunge and booked her. Her work was phenomenal for a friend of mine! After bumping up my business and charging a price that was considered “luxury pricing”, I decided it was time to pay a QUALITY person with amazing skills to help translate that into my site. She went above and beyond to help me. She’s so so so personable and sweet. Let alone the work she does is just phenomenal. Not only did she create my website, she built my logo from scratch, AND designed my tattoo for me!! Book her. Do it. 11/10 recommend her beautiful hard working self  👏🏼”


Elizabeth Myers

(Branding + Web Design)

(It’s true, I did design her tattoo, though that’s not an advertized service of mine. Peep that placement, too! How absolutely 100% brilliant for when she’s working with clients?? A constant reminder to be badass, right where they’re supposed to be looking during their session.)