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Practicing Yoga with Fully Alive Yoga is an experience – it’s a studio where the focus is on your spiritual needs during practice. This is to say, it is not yoga for yoga’s sake – it is meditative, connective activity, intended to bring you closer to your creator (whoever you believe that may be), more in tune with yourself, and to tap into what flows deep inside your soul. 

So, through Fully Alive’s materials, we needed to communicate peace, connectivity, and that return to the core of their practice – the creator.



The logo for Fully Alive implies the connection between the internal and the external – and it draws the eye to a centered cross. As Christ (or the creator) is at the center of Fully Alive’s practice, so too is He (you know what I mean!) at the center of their branded imagery. 



Nearly monochromatic, these tinted greens and blues are intended to invoke a deep CALM and INTROSPECTION. Both of which are experiences one should have at a Fully Alive Yoga class!



Fully Alive needed a highlight in their typography – this was done with a balanced cursive typeface, which resonates with the “painted” component of the logo stamp. 



For the Fully Alive Tribe, the website is a collaborative sharing space. On a weekly basis, blog posts are used as forums to respond and engage. It’s also the hub for workshop scheduling, workshop ticket purchasing, and now, class package purchases as well. The overall intended User Experience on the site is one of engagement – the reader is drawn to certain content through image inclusion, and pulled to the sharing space through the verbiage sprinkled throughout the site.



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