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I have worked with many web designers in my career and never have I found one like Gabrielle. She seamlessly weaved together her technical and visual expertise to create a site that is functional, gorgeous, and on brand. She was on top of every question, easily and quickly answering complex technical questions and simplifying the backend process for me. I highly recommend her work and will absolutely call on her again.


Sonja Semion

(Full Branding + Web + e-commerce)

“Gabrielle has been instrumental in shaping not just my new brand, but also my new website! Which is something that took me about a year to put together [on my own]. Gabrielle took it over and she just made magic. To the point that I now get inquiries from my website weekly, and I actually have no idea how they get there.

My website is beautiful, I didn’t even have any changes for her. She has been wonderful when it comes to copy, and helping me put everything together. We are currently working on my sales team page, and if you know me, I’m not conventional, so everyone has weird names, and weird email addresses, and she’s been such a good sport, and has been an absolute dream to work with. I would recommend her ten times over! I honestly kind of want to start a new business so that she can design another website for me!”


Yolandi Erasmus

(Web Design + Copy Editing + SEO)

Brie was so great at distilling the vibe I wanted for my branding and even better (somehow) at creating an ecosystem for my work to be displayed on my website. She was endlessly patient with my many check-ins and was on top of communicating exactly what was happening on her end so I was confident in the process. I’m a little disappointed I don’t get to spend more time working with her, but I am absolutely thrilled with what we ended up creating together!


Tasha Dreadon

(Full Branding + Web Design + SEO Advising | 2021)

“Having had the perfect Logo and Brand Kit in my head, but no clue how to put it all together… ENTER the super talented, phenomenal human Gabrielle Elizabeth Scarlett. She created the PERFECT brand for me, that not only suits me, but my business! Working with you has been an incredible journey! Thank you so much I am completely in love!

Tanya Pienaar

(Brand Design + Web Design | 2020)

“As a photographer with a background in graphic design, I was really nervous about finding the right person to design my logo. Then I connected with Gabrielle. She was as excited about my work as I am, and there was such a genuine connection between us, even though we’ve never spoken on the phone or met in person. Her process was easy to follow, her pricing was incredibly fair, and her passion is palpable. I absolutely love my logo and will be using Gabrielle to build my website as well. I have gotten so many comments on my branding and I’m able to feel incredibly proud of my brand and it makes me even more excited to launch this business.”

Mindy Rainey

(Brand Design)

“A couple years ago, I created this idea that I needed to be the best Newborn Photographer in Southern Utah. But I didn’t know how to implement that. So I did a little research, and I was putting in hours – sleepless nights into building up this idea of this business. I had no idea what components needed to go into it. I realized, hey, if I wanted to do this and be successful – and have a family – I needed help. And I found Brie. Oh my goodness, guys, she took it to the next level. She had me do this quiz, which was really fun because it made me think about things I hadn’t thought about before when it came to building a business and branding. I really didn’t know what branding was at that point, or I didn’t fully understand what it was. She built my branding, she did my web design, she created my logo – she helped me pick colours. And not only the aesthetic things, she also helped me pick out the psychological language of my business, the personality of my business, and a little of the story of my business as well. Since then, it’s been a couple years, she’s also helped me start a whole other business, it’s in the realm of the photography world with fine art prints and canvases. But she’s helped me create the brand for that, she built my website for it, she helped me with the psychology portion of that as well. Just all of those little components she’s taken them and bottled them up and created a second brand and website for me – which was much more massive than I imagined it to be. I’m so grateful for her – if you guys need somebody to help you with branding, building a logo, or creating an empire, Brie is your girl. I can’t stress that enough. You guys have come to the right place, this is where you’re meant to be.”


Stephanie Erin Black

(Brand + Web + Business Mentorship)

“I came to Gabrielle because, after pulling my hair out for a year to make my website into something I could be proud of, it still was not generating leads. My contact form was rarely used and my Google ranking was non-existent. Pixel & Ink solved the problem by making my website mobile friendly, improving my load times, and giving me a ton of help with things like page design and SEO keywords. I’ve booked two clients this year just from Google search results, one for $2,500 and one for $3,000 – neither would have ever found me if I hadn’t gotten help from Gabrielle!”


Jesi Cason

(Web Design + SEO)

“Brie is incredible!! She is quick to answer my questions and give me real feedback. There are so many people out there with the mindset that “the customer is always right” and they just go with whatever you suggest.

Brie is always kind, but she tells it like it is! She is always ready and willing to give real, quality feedback that will help you design the brand you NEED.

Do not miss the opportunity to work with Brie — it will be the best decision you’ve ever made!”


Taylor Hyde

(Brand + Business Mentorship)

I knew about Gabrielle about a year before I made the plunge and booked her. Her work was phenomenal for a friend of mine! After bumping up my business and charging a price that was considered “luxury pricing”, I decided it was time to pay a QUALITY person with amazing skills to help translate that into my site. She went above and beyond to help me. She’s so so so personable and sweet. Let alone the work she does is just phenomenal. Not only did she create my website, she built my logo from scratch, AND designed my tattoo for me!! Book her. Do it. 11/10 recommend her beautiful hard working self  👏🏼


Elizabeth Myers

(Branding + Web Design)

(It’s true, I did design her tattoo, though that’s not an advertized service of mine. Peep that placement, too! How absolutely 100% brilliant for when she’s working with clients?? A constant reminder to be badass, right where they’re supposed to be looking during their session.)

“Brie made our working space a place of inspiration, flow, and encouragement, even when she knew she had to ‘correct me’ for lack of a better phrase. One of the biggest things I’ve learned is how my own personal strength and struggles are amplified in how I brand myself. I knew the moment I met her I wanted to work with her – and I’ll continue to. She is literally the total package. <3” 


(1:1 Design Guidance)

The tweaks and tips she gave me made everything click into place and weren’t things I would have figured out on my own – and I tried for years! And the personal attention I’ve received through DM has exceeded my expectations. It feels amazing to know I have a brand designer in my back pocket when any questions arise. If I have this much clarity before the Mastermind has even begun, I can’t wait to see what I’ll be able to create in the next few months!


(Brand Mentality Mastermind)

“I had a Reality Check call with Brie and came out with a new perspective on my brand. She has a creative yet process driven approach to branding which I appreciated. She gave me advice on how to solve the branding issues that I am currently experiencing and was an overall joy to speak with. She clearly is passionate about what she does and enjoys helping people. Thanks Brie for the overdue reality check!”


(Reality Check)

“Working with Gabrielle was so easy! I’ve never worked with anyone for graphics or branding before. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to accurately communicate what I wanted or that there would be a disconnect. It’s weird when you know what you want it to look like but you can’t do it.

Gabrielle took my descriptions and words vaguely describing what I wanted and put it into actual images. It looked more like she read my mind to be honest. I’m so in love and obsessed with the graphics and style she put together. I honestly can’t believe I let myself struggle with making graphics for so long when I could have just worked with someone like Gabrielle! She is extremely talented at what she does and so easy and fun to work with. She is someone who is truly passionate about her work; the best kind of person to work with in my opinion!”

Katie Bonanno

(Social Suite Design)

“I met Gabrielle a while ago and saw how amazing her work was. Low key stalked her business to keep up to date with the amazing projects she had been working on. Obviously, I was oblivious at the time to how incredibly good branding can change your business. Both your impressions to a client but also just how much you want to show off your company with shiny and beautiful graphics. So after a while, I realised I needed her expertise in my life. I approached her about doing some work for my photography business and I’m beyond happy with the results! She created and put together a business suite. After answering some of her questions, which I found enlightening and really shined a light on some key aspects that I had not considered, I received font selections, a logo with variations and a colour palette. Let me tell you, my brand has never looked better!”


(Brand Design)

I hired Gabrielle for a new logo/branding package. I was hesitant at first to make that big of an investment when I had previously just had a cheap logo made for me on Etsy. But I kept seeing the gorgeous branding boards she was creating for other professionals and decided my own business was worth the investment. I am SO GLAD I made that decision. My new branding is gorgeous and high end. She had a vision that far exceeded what I had created myself. She was so easy to work with and helped guide me through process. My new branding is elegant, cohesive and will to a much better job at attracting the type of clients I’m wanting to work with. Thank you Gabrielle. Your talents amaze me!

Erin Massie

(Brand Suite + PDF Guides)

I knew I needed a new website and branding and I’m thrilled with the outcome! Gabrielle helped me develop a logo better than anything that I ever could have imagined and created a beautiful website for me that is focused on attracting my ideal client. Since I’m used to Squarespace, moving to WordPress has definitely been a challenge, but she has been more so willing to help me figure it out



(Branding + Web Design)

“I have to give a huge shoutout to Gabrielle Elizabeth Scarlett & her business Pixel & Ink for designing not just a logo I’m in love with, but a straight-up amazing brand for me that is 100000x better than what I was working with before!

If you’re ready to take your branding to the next level you have to send her a message. I’m AWFUL with communication when it’s anything about what I need/want. I’d go days (weeks) where I’d see her email/message and avoid it not knowing what to say or how to answer whatever she had asked.

Please note – she never asked anything overly complicated, literally just “What do you like/not like about ____?”

She was never pushy, EVER. Gentle nudges every once in a while if I had gone a really long time being silent, and never stopped until I was 100% satisfied with the logo, even when that meant scrapping months of work and starting over completely in a new direction.

I learned a LOT about myself, my business, and my brand over our time together – and I couldn’t be happier with my end result!”

Kimberly Rae Greenleaf

(Brand Design)

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