Web Design & Brand Samples

As the founder of Pixel & Ink Branded Media, I develop done-for-you websites and brands for entrepreneurs.

These are just a few samples of live projects, and full case studies that you can take a look at!

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This is just a sampling, there are plenty more business ecosystems I’ve developed.

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Kassie George Photography

Full brand & web design

Caitlyn Eakins Photography

Full brand & web design

Melissa Marino Portrait Artistry

Full brand & web design

Stephanie Erin Photography

Full brand & web design

My Go 2 Girl Virtual Assistants

Web Design + Branding Expansion

Nikki Newsome Photography

Full brand & web design

Maria Wik Coaching

Full brand & web design

Kayla Mae Fine Art Photography

Full brand & web design

Little Miss Rose Photography

Full brand & web design

Treasured Sparrow Photography

Full brand & web design

Nichole Coyle Photography

Web design, branding provided


Full brand & web design

Blue Lotus

Full brand & web design

Lollipop Woods Photography

Web Design + Extended Brand (Logo Provided)

Nicole Wren Photography

Full brand & web design

K9 Chemistry

Full brand & web design

Fully Alive Yoga

Full brand & web design

Full Brand Case Studies

We’ve curated a few of our favorite projects into some case studies to share with you. Keep in mind that these are just a few of our favorites – there are numerous other projects you could take a look at, and if you don’t see one below that includes what you’re looking for… don’t worry. We’ve got lots of other samples available upon request!

My Go 2 Girl VA | Yolandi Erasmus

Building content for Yolandi was an absolute dream.

Her virtual assistance agency is both quirky and professional, which we worked to bring into the presence clearly! I like to think that it’s not just lived out in the bold, inky elements we used in her branding, but also through the unique layouts used throughout her site!

Jesi Cason Photography

Jesi came to me because her site wasn’t performing the way she wanted it to be on Google! She wasn’t getting the inquiries she wanted from her site, and wasn’t getting the traffic she wanted either.

We were able to get her site design up to par with how badass she is (and her brand is) – and also make sure that those performance issues were all cleared up!

Compost Cache Valley, LLC

The CCV team had a clear vision of communicating quality, innovation, and a community focus to their customers.

Knowing their audience played into their brand development strategy immeasurably – and all of their messaging circles back around to “Healthy Soil. Healthy Food. Healthy Families.” It’s their mantra, and it’s certainly a fitting one!

Sunflower Room Medical Massage Therapy, LLC

For Sunflower Room Medical Massage Therapy, massage is more than an hour of self-care. It’s a healing practice – a practice that helps to facilitate growth.

Warmth, comfort, and healing are exemplified through the brand itself, and simplicity comes in prominently on the practice website. Self-care doesn’t have to be complicated, and taking time to nourish your soul is valuable.

Fully Alive Yoga, LLC

For the Fully Alive Tribe, Yoga practice is a spiritual experience. It’s a means of connecting with the creator, with each other, and with oneself.

Those tones play out front and center in their branding materials – and their site offers a collaborative sharing space through a forum style blog. Even more connection, just online this time!



Business and branding guidance

Get the support of an industry expert who has been where you are now - whether that's to get direction once, or for ongoing support!


WEB or brand Design

The branding you use for your business should create an ecosystem for your work, regardless of what you do. And... it should speak to your ideal clients.


Information about 1:1 support

Sometimes accountability is key, and having someone over your shoulder, making sure you're taking the steps you need to take is what makes the difference! 

I like to think I'm pretty cool, but...


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"I came to Gabrielle because, after pulling my hair out for a year to make my website into something I could be proud of, it still was not generating leads. My contact form was rarely used and my Google ranking was non-existent. Pixel & Ink solved the problem by making my website mobile friendly, improving my load times, and giving me a ton of help with things like page design and SEO keywords. I've booked two clients this year just from Google search results, one for $2,500 and one for $3,000 - neither would have ever found me if I hadn't gotten help from Gabrielle!"


Jesi Cason

(Web Design + SEO)

"Brie is incredible!! She is quick to answer my questions and give me real feedback. There are so many people out there with the mindset that “the customer is always right” and they just go with whatever you suggest.

Brie is always kind, but she tells it like it is! She is always ready and willing to give real, quality feedback that will help you design the brand you NEED.

Do not miss the opportunity to work with Brie — it will be the best decision you’ve ever made!"


Taylor Hyde

(Brand + Business Mentorship)

"Brie made our working space a place of inspiration, flow, and encouragement, even when she knew she had to 'correct me' for lack of a better phrase. One of the biggest things I've learned is how my own personal strength and struggles are amplified in how I brand myself. I knew the moment I met her I wanted to work with her - and I'll continue to. She is literally the total package. <3" 


(1:1 Design Guidance)

"The tweaks and tips she gave me made everything click into place and weren’t things I would have figured out on my own - and I tried for years! And the personal attention I’ve received through DM has exceeded my expectations. It feels amazing to know I have a brand designer in my back pocket when any questions arise. If I have this much clarity before the Mastermind has even begun, I can’t wait to see what I’ll be able to create in the next few months!"


(Brand Mentality Mastermind)

"I had a Reality Check call with Brie and came out with a new perspective on my brand. She has a creative yet process driven approach to branding which I appreciated. She gave me advice on how to solve the branding issues that I am currently experiencing and was an overall joy to speak with. She clearly is passionate about what she does and enjoys helping people. Thanks Brie for the overdue reality check!"


(Reality Check)