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My Favourite 50 Canva Search Terms

by | Aug 8, 2021 | 0 comments

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✦ My Favourite 50 Canva Search Terms ✦

If you follow me just about anywhere online, you know that I’m kind of addicted to Canva. I used to be an Adobe girl through and through – but lately, I’ve had a slew of clients looking for tools that they could easily edit on their own. And most of those clients don’t have access to Adobe suite, unlike the photographers I usually work with.

So this left me in an interesting situation – and one that I was initially really uncomfortable with. After all, in Canva, you can’t create original vector art to use in your designs, and you can’t copyright things like logos developed with the platform’s tools, because you don’t own the rights to the graphics included in them.

But with the kinds of design work my clients were looking for, I realised I was going to need a new tool. So… to Canva I went.

And oh boy, friends, let me tell you – it took about a week for me to get 110% addicted to this program. It is approximately ten times as intuitive as Adobe Suite products (sorry Adobe, I still love you) and my clients can make changes to the designs I deliver endlessly, which makes things easier on them too. It also cuts my client’s costs, because it means they don’t have to come to me for adjustments every time they need something new for their social media presence. Once I create their templates, they get to make ongoing changes, giving them more ownership and control over their brand messaging. It’s a win-win-win-win-win honestly.


Okay where’s the catch though?

Canva is LOVELY. But there are some hiccups, when it comes to finding the right elements for your designs. One of the pros of using Canva, is access to their library of bangin’ graphics and photos, that you can use for free in your designs. Some of them are available truly for free, and others are only available if you have a pro account (which is about $10 USD per month) but whether you have a pro account or not, it’s honestly endlessly useful.

But how do you find graphics that not every single other business owner is using?


My favourite Canva Search Terms

It’s aaallllllll down to the search terms! Like Pinterest or YouTube, the search tool within the Canva elements tab works as a mini search engine, pulling relevant graphics based on the terms you use in your search as compared to the tags applied to graphics by artists when they’re uploaded.

So if you want to find unique graphic elements to use, you’re going to have to get GOOD at using search terms to find what you’re looking for.


Searching for Designers

Searching for designers in the Canva Elements search isn’t as straightforward as it could be – in order to do it, you need their brand code. Luckily, you can get to designers’ brand codes through the element search themselves! If you find a graphic that you like, and you’d like to see more from that designer, then click the three dots in the upper righthand corner of the graphic in the search dialogue. It will show you the information about that graphic, including the author. You can click on the author to see more from them, and, when you navigate to that page in the elements search, it will autofill their brand code in the search bar, which you can save for later!

The Terms

Search Terms for Cool Spiritual Shit

1. Celestial
2. Swirling Gradient Pink
3. Monoline Chakra
4. Gold Mandala
5. Celestial Crystal Outline
6. Mystical

Keyword Terms for That Boho Vibe

1. Boho aesthetic
2. Bohemian Rainbow
3. Organic Blob Aesthetic
4. Abstract Boho Leaves
5. Mid Century Modern
6. Handdrawnpro
7. Flat Boho Abstract
8. Boho Frame Shape
9. Boho Feathers

Search Terms for Subtle Frames

1. Gold Geometric
2. Subtle Floral Frame
3. Calligraphy Flourish
4. Thin Round Frame Gold
5. Elegant Watercolor Frame
6. Hand Drawn Frame
7. Metallic Gold Flower Frame

Terms for Badass Textures

1. Gold Tape
2. Torn Paper
3. Marble Background
4. Scandinavian Background
5. Paper Texture
6. Rough Paper
7. Tropical Background

Terms for Modern Gradients

1. Modern Gradient
2. Modern Noise Gradient
3. Subtle Abstract Shadow Blur Background
4. Blur Gradient
5. Iridescent Blurry Background
6. Rose Gold Gradient

Terms for The BEST Flowers

1. Monoline Flower
2. Line Art Flowers
3. Organic Summer
4. Watercolor Flowers
5. Traditional Lineart Flower
6. Freeform Bloom
7. Hand Drawn Sunflower Outline
8. Delicate Painted Plant
9. Metallic Gold Flower Outline
10. Flat Flower Outline

Terms for Subtle Monoline Elements

1. Brand:BADeGZOX6Sc monoline body
2. Floral Flourish
3. Metallic Gold Freeform Outline
4. Monoline Boho Geometric
5. Decorative Monoline Monogram

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